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3435 Miners

2035 Miners

Currently running 2035 Bitcoin miners, with an additional 1400 miners scheduled for delivery and installation by Q3 2022.

425 PH/s Hash Rate

180 PH/s

Currently, the New Mexico facility has a 180 PH/s Hash Rate. The Company is expected to increase to 397 PH/s by Q4 2022.

15 MW of power


Currently the New Mexico facility is wired for 15MW.


LUXXFOLIO is building on its core capabilities in industrial data center management to procure, install and operate customized storage server equipment connected to the Filecoin network. The first set of Filecoin storage servers have been received and a full node has been installed and connected to the Filecoin network allowing LUXXFOLIO to begin earning block rewards in its native digital tokens called FIL. (NR – Jan 31, 2022)

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