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News Releases

LUXXFOLIO Operations Update
November 21, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Operations Update
November 2, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Announces Further Debt Reduction
October 28, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Launches Immersion Mining and Substantially Reduces Debt
August 10, 2022
LUXXFOLIO to Launch Immersion Mining while Reducing Debt and Optimizing Operations
July 15, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Takes Steps to Optimize Operations
June 15, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Receives a Strategic Investment from BIGG Digital Assets
June 9, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Benefits from Low Power Costs
June 6, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Increase Hash Rate with Expanded Power Capacity
May 5, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Increases Hash Rate with Completion of First Phase of Expansion
April 9, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Nearing Completion of Mine Expansion
March 3, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Continues Mining Growth and Increases BTC Reserves by 16%
February 2, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Launches Filecoin as part of a Decentralized Data Storage Vertical
January 31, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Increases Hash Rate to 138 PH/s
January 20, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Records a 31% Increase in BTC Equivalent Reserves
January 3, 2022
LUXXFOLIO Finalizes Order for 500 New Generation Miners
December 16, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Closes $9.5 Million Bought Deal Financing
December 7, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Records Record Month of $1.8 Million in Mining Revenues
December 2, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Announces Purchase Order and Financing of Immersion-Cooling System
December 1, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Announces Increase to Previously Announced Bought Deal Offering to C$9.1 Million
November 30, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Announces C$7 Million Bought Deal Financing
November 29, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Closes Acquisition of Ethereum Miner and Crypto Assets
November 26, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Acquires and Accepts Delivery of Additional Miners
November 15, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Procures Immersion-Cooling for Crypto Mining Operations
November 10, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Achieves 103% Month over Month Increase in Mining Revenues
November 1, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Confirms Order for Additional 500 Miners Increasing Future Hash Rate to 360 PH/s
October 21, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Accepts Delivery of Additional Miners – Hash Rate Up 144% since September 1
October 14, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Achieves 90% Month over Month Increase in Mining PH/s Performance
October 4, 2021
LUXXFOLIO DTC Application Approved
September 23, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Agrees to Early Delivery of 600 S19J Pro Miners
September 20, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Lists on the Frankfurt Exchange
September 9, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Diversifies into Ethereum with Acquisition of Ethereum Miner including Crypto Assets
September 7, 2021
Mining Performance Exceeds 50 PH/s as August delivery of Bitmain Miners Received and Operating
September 2, 2021
LUXXFOLIO signs Crypto Climate Accord, reflecting commitment to green cryptocurrency mining and exchange
August 25, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Appoints David Gens to Board
August 16, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Shares Now Available for Trading on Wealthsimple in Canada
August 13, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Announces Expansion Plans
August 12, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Secures an Additional 100 Miners for August Delivery
August 4, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Begins Active Mining Operation
July 28, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Receives Delivery of Initial Batch of Miners
July 19, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Announces Closing of $3 Million Private Placement
July 6, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Announces Closing of the WestBlock Acquisition
June 15, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Announces Closing of Acquisition of 2400 Bitcoin Miners
May 27, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Lists on the OTCQB Market in the United States
May 19, 2021
LUXXFOLIO to Webcast Live at May 20th
May 18, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Announces Milestone Acquisition of 2400 Bitcoin Miners, Expects Bitcoin Production of 303 PH within 18 Months
May 3, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Holdings to Present at the H.C. Wainwright Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, & FinTech Conference April 27, 2021
April 19, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Achieves Milestone with Agreement to acquire Crypto Mining Company
April 7, 2021
Final Tranche of Private Placement Closed – Total Closings of $1.6 million.
March 22, 2021
Amendment to Term Sheet and Proposed Issuance of Share Purchase Warrants
March 18, 2021
Option Issuance
March 11, 2021
$1.28M in First Tranche of Private Placement and Term Sheet Updates
March 8, 2021
LUXXFOLIO looks to include Non-Fungible Tokens in the 2021 Development Plan
March 2, 2021
LUXXFOLIO Holdings Inc. enters into a Binding Term Sheet to acquire Westblock Capital Inc. and announces a $3.5M non-brokered private placement
February 10, 2021
News Release
January 29, 2021
Miners Expected Delivery in May 2021
January 18, 2021
Completion of Non-Brokered Private Placement
December 30, 2020
Luxxfolio to acquire 590 bitcoin miners
December 24, 2020
Non-Brokered Private Placement
December 17, 2020
Close of Final Tranche of Private Placement
December 3, 2020
LUXXFOLIO Holdings Inc. appoints a new Director
December 1, 2020
LUXXFOLIO Holdings Inc. enters into a Non-Binding Term Sheet with Ocean Falls Blockchain Corp. and Closes the Fifth Tranche of its Private Placement
November 24, 2020
Close of Third and Fourth Tranches of Private Placement
November 3, 2020
Amendment to First Tranche of Private Placement
September 11, 2020
Close of Second Tranche of Private Placement and Amendment of Private Placement Terms
August 31, 2020
Extension of Letter of Intent Termination Date
July 17, 2020
Close of First Tranche of Private Placement
July 3, 2020
Continuation of Strategic Review and Revisions to Non-Brokered Private Placement
June 2, 2020
Letter of Intent with Cypress Hills Partners Inc. and Non-Brokered Private Placement
March 2, 2020
LUXXFOLIO Announces Strategic Review
December 4, 2019
LUXXFOLIO to Issue Shares for Debt
December 3, 2019
LUXXFOLIO to Issue Shares for Debt
October 31, 2019
LUXXFOLIO Enters into Formal Line of Credit Agreement
July 30, 2019
Luxxfolio to Repay Promissory Notes and Enter into a Line of Credit
June 3, 2019
Luxxfolio Announces CSE Trading Date of May 6th, 2019
May 2, 2019
Luxxfolio Holdings Inc. announces the completion of a securities exchange with the securityholders of Luxxfolio Network Inc.
April 11, 2019
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