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Corporate Overview

LUXXFOLIO Holdings Inc

The Company is building a diversified holding company that value enables physical and digital assets through an asset authentication, tracking, and record keeping process. These processes are utilizing an internal permission based distributed ledger, hashing tools, and other public based protocols including but not limited to Bitcoin. The type of assets that can have their records tracked and recorded may include:

  • digital assets such as non-fungible tokens, contract obligations, loan contracts, and crypto currency;
  • physical assets such as commercial equipment and consumer-based assets.

LUXXFOLIO aims to be a secure and reliable vehicle to own, track and record assets thereby enhancing the ability to monetize or securitize these assets. The Company provides a liquid alternative for exposure to the unique identifiable assets (UIA’s) registered on the platform for the broader capital markets.

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Contact Information

LUXXFOLIO Holdings Inc.
212–1080 Mainland St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 2T4
Listing date
Monday, May 6, 2019
Listing date
Monday, May 6, 2019
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