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Take the plunge with LUXXFOLIO Immersion Hosting

Our immersion cooling unit uses CES Corporation’s industry-leading Intelliflex™ technology to provide maximum performance and lifespan for our miners. 

Beginning in July 2022, we’re pleased to make immersion hosting available to our customers and partners. Now everyone can benefit from immersion cooling, green energy, and low power costs available at our leading-edge New Mexico facility.

Why Immersion Cooling?

Better Performance

Immersion ensures your miners always perform to their manufacturer-stated hash rate, no matter the conditions

Longer Life

Immersed miners have a longer life and require less maintenance compared to standard air-cooled systems


Immersion is more cost-effective than air cooling, providing cost savings for LUXXFOLIO and our hosting customers

Why mine with LUXXFOLIO?

Lower Costs

Our Navajo Nation partnership delivers power costs in the bottom decile worldwide, allowing us to share the savings with our immersion customers

Green Energy

Our operations are powered predominantly by green energy, with a localized power grid to hedge against inflationary pressures

Service & Support

Signing up for LUXXFOLIO immersion hosting includes setup, configuration, and support services at no extra charge

Let's Connect

Ready to connect with our team to learn more about our immersion hosting offering? Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch to answer your questions and help you get started.

212-1080 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 274
Phone: 1-888-928-8883

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